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There are many ways to support our team: materials, mentors, work space, or just pizza!


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Even if you don't plan to be an engineer, you will learn a lot as part of our Robotics team!

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How a Robotics Team Works

  • Mentors

    Mentors are the key to a good FIRST robotics team. The FIRST Robotics student experience is enhanced by the guidance that experienced mentors provide, not just in the technical topics but also in project management, team interactions, and handling problems that inevitably arise in any engineering project.

    Mentors are also invaluable for their knowledge about what it is like to work in various fields, about college programs, and helping students determine what field might best match their interests and skills.

  • Engineering

    Robotics projects involve a variety of engineering fields - mechanical, electrical, software, network, and even pneumatic and aeronautical.

    With FIRST Robotics, safety is always a key and every engineering team also has students and staff focused on safety during design, build, and competition.

  • Business

    As important as the engineering is the Business portion of the team, which handles fund raising and budgeting, registering for competitions, travel planning, student and mentor registration, and entries for FRC business competitions. The business team maintains a pavilion at every competition both for robot repairs and for the public to learn more about the team and about robotics. They are also responsible for the team web site and social sites.

  • Scouting and Strategy

    The Scout and Strategy teams are critical to success in competitions. Starting with developing the strategy that defines what the robot will do, the strategy team also looks at how to approach competitions and the strengths of each alliance. The scout team studies all teams at the competitions to learn their strengths and weaknesses - how best to work with them or to compete against them. They scout every match to determine which teams are improving and which are working through problems. All of this is used to set the strategy for each match and for the final competition rounds. Proper scouting and strategy makes your robot and the drive team even better.

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All competitions are free to the public. Come see what all of the excitement is about!